Cherokee: The 7 Clans

Along with the option of being a settler in our Bear River Town, you also have the option of being a native in our Cherokee tribe on the SIM instead.   If joining our Cherokee tribe in our Bear River Kansas SIM, be sure to pick a clan you wish to be a part of.  You can learn more about the Cherokee clans here: Continue reading “Cherokee: The 7 Clans”

SIM Rules

Please read through the rules as they will be enforced whether you decide to read them or not!

If you are new, don’t feel overwhelmed, everyone on the SIM will help you out teaching/reminding you of the rules and you will eventually be perfectly familiar with them all. Continue reading “SIM Rules”

The Character Creation Guide

The following is a guide to help you get started in creating your character here. It is not mandatory to follow but is a reference that can help you get started and help you keep your story straight, enhancing your character details during role play.

Whether you have experience in other role play SIMs in Second Life® or not, you can be sure to find a place in our Bear River community.

Bear River gives you the freedom to be the character you wish to be, be that a Homesteader, Miner, Law Man (Sheriff, Marshal etc), an Outlaw Continue reading “The Character Creation Guide”

The Journey Begins

Welcome to Bear River Kansas – 1870’s Western Role Play SIM in Second Life®

Welcome to Bear River!  Set in the 1870’s, this North American, western town envelopes you with Victorian charm. Bear River, Kansas territory  is a Roleplay SIM in Second Life® that strives to create an authentic atmosphere of what daily life was like in early America.

Bear River is part of 20+ or so SIMs that together form the Western Alliance, a massive and cohesive area leaving you with a host of choices upon which to base your “character”, allowing for creative story lines.  

Continue reading “The Journey Begins”