Western Historical Events in the 1870’s

This is a general timeline of important events that occurred in the 1870’s related to the western frontier of a young America.

Though the RP of our SIM is not directly related to any historical events, this is a good way to be informed, allowing yourself to immerse yourself more in the time. Continue reading “Western Historical Events in the 1870’s”

Tsalagi (Cherokee Language)

Common Words and Phrases

Tsalagi, the Cherokee language,  is an Iroquoian language related to the languages of the Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga, Mohawk, and others.  Though most of the Iroquoian speakers were located historically near the Great Lakes, the Cherokee were historically in the Southeast, suggesting they had migrated south at one point in time.  Since 1823, when Sequoyah made his Cherokee syllabary known, the Cherokee language has been a written language.

This is a list of handy words and phrases you can reference enhancing your RP if you wish to join the Cherokee tribe.

Osiyo – hello formally

‘Siyo – hello informally

Tsilugi – welcome back

Ulihelisdi – welcome Continue reading “Tsalagi (Cherokee Language)”

The Cherokee Way of Life

This a general and brief overview of Cherokee beliefs and traditions we practice, written for new players that want just a quick run-through.

Cherokee Villages and Dwellings

Cherokee live in autonomous semi-permanent villages.  Each village has a population of about 200, and would divide if it got too large.  Villages move every 10 years or so to locate fresh garden sites and to allow old ones to replenish themselves.  Continue reading “The Cherokee Way of Life”