Tsalagi (Cherokee Language)

Common Words and Phrases

Tsalagi, the Cherokee language,  is an Iroquoian language related to the languages of the Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga, Mohawk, and others.  Though most of the Iroquoian speakers were located historically near the Great Lakes, the Cherokee were historically in the Southeast, suggesting they had migrated south at one point in time.  Since 1823, when Sequoyah made his Cherokee syllabary known, the Cherokee language has been a written language.

This is a list of handy words and phrases you can reference enhancing your RP if you wish to join the Cherokee tribe.

Osiyo – hello formally

‘Siyo – hello informally

Tsilugi – welcome back

Ulihelisdi – welcome

Osda sunalei – good morning (morning greeting)

Osda svhiye – good evening (evening greeting)

Uganasdv asgista – sweet dreams

Osda enoyi – good night

Stiyu – be strong (goodbye)

Kagoidisdi? – who are you?

Dodetsadoa? – what is your name?

Galiheli tsidenalv – pleased to meet you

Osigwotsu? – how are you?

Osigwo – I am fine

Ihinna – how about you?

Osda – good

Osd – great

Oyoi – no good

Hawa – okay

Wado – thank you

Wado udohiyu utsati – thank you very much

Gvlieliga – you’re welcome

Gvlieliga udohiyu – you’re very welcome

Uyo ayelodi – sorry

Howatsu – please

Goliga – I understand

Tla yigoliga – i don’t understand

Gesdi yitsigata – I don’t know

Wena! – go away!

Nahna – there

Noquo – now

Oginanili – friend

Oginali-i – friend (my)

Tsogali-i – friends

U-ho-i – bad

Tla-i-goliga – I don’t understand

Tla-no – no thank you

Tso-tsi-danawa – enemy

Ugvwiyuhi – chief

Utlisda – hurry

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