SIM Rules

Please read through the rules as they will be enforced whether you decide to read them or not!

If you are new, don’t feel overwhelmed, everyone on the SIM will help you out teaching/reminding you of the rules and you will eventually be perfectly familiar with them all.

General Rules

  1. Bear River is part of Second Life. All SL rules are hereby automatically valid.
  2. Your avatar must be at least 10 days old to role-play in Bear River. When you first join Second Life®, there are some basic things to learn in order to be able to engage in this virtual environment. It is, therefore, important that before you learn how to role-play, you should at least know the basics of Second Life®, such as how to move your avatar, use nearby chat and IMs, how to teleport from SIM to SIM, etc.
  3. The entire ground area of the Bear River sim is considered an active role-play area; therefore, the WW-Meter/HUD, an appropriate group tag, and Victorian-Era clothing (or appropriate native clothing) must be worn at all times and our sim rules must be followed while you are in Bear River.
  4. Be IC (“in character”) at all times unless something needs to be said OOC (“out of character”) to all players nearby but please keep this to an absolute minimum (example, asking someone to check their IM or to go to group chat).  When saying something OOC in the nearby chat, please surround your text with two parenthesis on either side such as, ((brb)).   Most OOC chat should be kept in private IM’s.  Bear River is an Old West role-play SIM and we strive to create an authentic atmosphere for all players.  Remaining IC helps to preserve this atmosphere.
  5. Refrain from text-speak (LOL, LMAO, ROFL, IDK, and the like).  Such speak did not exist before the 20th century.  A better way to emote in role-play would be <</me clenches his stomach with both hands and laughs so hard his eyes tear up>> or <</me cocks her head and shrugs “I do not know”>>
  6. Private residences on Bear River are non-role-play areas and may not be entered except by invitation or permission of the tenant/resident. Exception to this rule is if the resident initiates the role-play and then takes refuge in their home. In that case, the role-play may continue. Otherwise, stay out or private residences and any role-play in them apart from the above described exception. Unauthorized entry will be considered trespassing and warnings will be issued.
  7. Bear River represents the historical Wild West in 1870s but does not apply to the exact events taken place during that time. The casual spoken language is English. Players with translators are welcome to play as well.
  8. You may join the Bear River Kansas group by visiting our welcome center or by contacting a Bear River admin or Bear River greeter. Self-made groups need the agreement with the SIM owner or estate manager before they can be used.  If you want to play a specific role that requires a special tag, please contact an admin, estate manager, or SIM owner. If you want to role-play as a native in the Cherokee village, please contact Chief Standing Bear (Kenton Wetherby) for an application.
  9. We require era-appropriate clothing for all human avatars who enter the Bear River SIM, whether you live or work here or are just passing through. During the Victorian Era there were no mini skirts, belly tops, bling, tennis shoes, combat boots, camouflage suits, t-shirts, or fur bikinis, to name a few.  Cherokee natives did not run around naked. On Bear River sim, natives from other tribes may dress as they do on their home sims with these requirements: no naked buttocks and no naked private parts (this includes breasts).
  10. There are only three cases where a player is allowed to set their meter to “OOC” mode, which are:
    1. You are a guest, or are showing around a guest or possible new player (and not interfering with any ongoing role-play).
    2. You are in the process of building.
    3. You’ve been told by an administrator to set your meter to “OOC”.
  11. Voice chats are prohibited, with the exception of special events.
  12. Do not role-play inside of the Bear River group chat. Please use it for OOC matters as well as sending out an Role-Play messages that will call role-players to the sim (e.g., Telegram: sheriff needs a U.S. marshal in Bear River). Detailed information about exact location or vital hints are not allowed.
  13. Players going AFK (“away from keyboard”) must set their meters to “AFK” mode, and the avatar should move out of the main RP area or be in their lodging during that time.
  14. Please do not teleport (“TP”) in or out of the role-play area. If you must log out or leave the sim for any reason, please move your avatar away from any active role-play before teleporting.  It is advisable to emote departure if with other player(s), such as <</me turns and departs into the cold, frigid night>>.
  15. Child avatars must behave like children, meaning that infants and toddlers don’t go running all over the sim without a parent, small children don’t talk back to outlaws, etc.  Child avatars may not:
    1. Participate in and/or interfere with any form of combat.  Children under 16 may carry a bow or slingshot but only for hunting or practice.
    2. May not engage in any adult behavior, including but not limited to, sexual or lewd behavior. Violation of this rule can be cause for immediate permanent ban from the entire Wild West Alliance group of sims and reported to Linden Labs.
    3. May not be attacked, killed or abused.
  16. Metagaming and God-moding is strictly prohibited.  In other words, you cannot jump from the ground into the roof of a building with the help of an AO or any other unrealistic physical actions.  You cannot use any information about a character you may know but was never mentioned (for example if you fought a masked outlaw and he/she got away, you have no idea who that character really was, even if you read the player’s tag name.  You would have to defeat and capture to RP (“role-play”) to remove the outlaw’s mask and hence uncovering his/her identity).
  17. No drama. Keep all personal drama to yourself or take it elsewhere.  All conflicts regarding role play and rules within the Bear River SIM will be decided by the SIM administration. Our SIM admins are listed at the bottom. When a dispute arises, please provide admins with chat logs, and screenshots if applicable, to be used in final rulings. Disputes will not be addressed if chat logs are not provided. Do not get into an OOC argument in local or group chat; please use private IM.
  18. Sex – is a natural act but no sexual acts or nudity is allowed in public. Do it in the privacy of your homes or lodging. Animal mating is not allowed. The role-play of rape is strictly prohibited in open role-play on Bear River, whether or not the two players involved both consent.  Anyone violating the rule on rape will be permanently banned from Bear River.
  19. NO RANDOM SHOOTING – role-play before combat.  If the role-play scene escalates to the use of weapons, remember that every fight should be preceded by an appropriate introduction using a minimum of 3 lines of role-play. It’s not enough to say: “I am white, you are red, I’m gonna put a bullet in your head.” You must use a minimum of 3 lines of RP before shooting. If you are shot at, you are not required to role-play 3 lines and you may defend yourself. These three lines must pertain to the actual process of drawing and firing your weapon.  Also, if you enter your hideout, village, or town and a battle between your group and another or enemy individual is in progress you may enter that fight without additional emoting.


    Line 1 – /me Watches the man lowering his hand to his side.

    Line 2 – /me Stretches his fingers , moving his hand closer to his pistol.

    Line 3 – /me Quickly grips his pistol drawing it and firing.

    (Please see the Combat and Hostage section below for more details.)

  20. Arguing with or insulting the sim owner or admins and OOC disputes are not allowed. This will be an automatic warning or 3-day ban at admin’s or SIM owner’s discretion.  Griefers and spammers WILL BE BANNED.
  21. Animals are allowed to participate in the RP as long they existed and were naturally present in Kansas or surrounding states during the 1870’s and they must act as an animal would act.  Animals do not talk.  You may emote.  No furries, fantasy creatures, dragons, vampires, gargoyles, elves, dwarves, Na vi, etc., are allowed.Animals’ weapons (such as teeth, fangs and claws with melee meter damage) are allowed to be used. Only bird and bat shaped avatars are allowed to fly within the role-play area. An animal may defend its owner or others in owner’s group but may not initiate an attack. If you’re attacked and you’re an animal, you may then proceed to defend yourself.  Animal avatars must have natural appearance. Such things as horses with extra long ‘fantasy’ manes and tails, or dogs/wolves with artificially colored fur, hats, etc., are prohibited. Animal avatars will be allowed to use the normal speed “boost” that comes with the avatar. However, any “extra boost” add-ons will not be allowed.
  22. Prim animal/pets and etc., are not allowed to be rezzed or placed within Bear River permanently.  Only the owners/admins are allowed to place permanent animals for decoration or hunting purposes.  Animal security systems such as killer bees or fight dogs are prohibited.  Prim animals are not allowed to attack avatars.
  23. We do not force anyone to stick permanently to a role that she/he does not like or feels uncomfortable with. Switching roles, however, should be role-played out.
  24. One species character per avatar. Switching from human to animal or animal to human is prohibited. We welcome you to play a different character, but please create an alternate account.
  25. Gestures, tummy talkers, and poofers are prohibited, as they disturb the role-play. Exceptions are gestures that match with the RP such as native war cry or yells, a child crying if you play a child, etc.
  26. Please note, it would not have been common practice in 1870’s for outsiders, particularly settlers, to just randomly enter a native village without permission.When entering the Cherokee Village (and most other tribes have this rule too), all outsiders must call out for permission to enter and wait for response (for example, <</shout Osiyo/hello! It is ____, may I pass?”). Those who do not get permission before entering would be risking danger to themselves. Even for those outsiders known and accepted by most of the Cherokee, there could be a situation where no Cherokee who knows them is in the village, therefore it would be wise for them too to announce themselves.
  27. Please treat other players with respect, and be aware that obscene and/or vulgar language, display names and titlers are prohibited on Bear River SIM.

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