The Journey Begins

Welcome to Bear River Kansas – 1870’s Western Role Play SIM in Second Life®

Welcome to Bear River!  Set in the 1870’s, this North American, western town envelopes you with Victorian charm. Bear River, Kansas territory  is a Roleplay SIM in Second Life® that strives to create an authentic atmosphere of what daily life was like in early America.

Bear River is part of 20+ or so SIMs that together form the Western Alliance, a massive and cohesive area leaving you with a host of choices upon which to base your “character”, allowing for creative story lines.  

As a role-play SIM, this means that everyone on the SIM is IC (in character), expected to dress, speak, and behave as you might have in the 1870’s on the wild western frontier of a young United States.  (More on SIM Rules)

Whether you have experience in other role play SIMs in Second Life® or not, you can be sure to find a place in our Bear River community.  

If you are brand-new to role-playing, it is normal to feel nervous at first, but don’t worry! We were all there once and there is no need to be shy.  At Bear River you will find all level of role-players, from highly experienced to beginners.  We have worked hard to create a supportive community to make this an enjoyable and fun experience for everyone.

Bear River gives you the freedom to be the character you wish to be, be that a Homesteader, Miner, Law Man (Sheriff, Marshal etc), an Outlaw (you can hide this identity as someone else in town, making it fun role-play to uncover your criminal identity), a religious leader, saloon worker, saloon girls/dancer, a bartender, a bank clerk, a court clerk, a Native and more.  There are also employment opportunities for animals should you choose to be one, please read more in The Character Creation Guide.

Bear River is also the home of the Cherokee tribe — if you wish to join the Cherokee please ask an Admin for an application, only our Chief Standing Bear can accept new members to the tribe.

We are open to hearing new ideas for your character that you may have.  Our Newspaper also lists any job/role openings we have in town.

The world is full of stories, and from time to time they permit themselves to be told. — Cherokee Saying

All role-players wear a meter HUD (the SIM’s use the WWM meter system and the AZ 1.33 bullet/arrow) which features interaction with other players as well as items located throughout the SIMs.  Your meter will require you to find, or make food, find water, hunt animals, mine, make medicine and more. It allows you to get “hurt” if attacked or if you fall from a high place, and you can even “die” (You cannot move for 30 min, and are subject to being captured).  It works with both human, and animal avatars and aids in creating complex roleplay stories.

Before entering the SIM, please read through the SIM Rules, as they will be enforced whether you decide to read them or not.


When you first enter, you will find yourself in our Welcome Area, which is essentially a box in the sky you must go through before entering the actual grounds of the SIM itself.  In the Welcome Area you can browse for Western clothing and items (there are some freebie clothing too!), contact any of the Admins or Greeters displayed on the boards, and TP to the Bear River town.  To come into town, simply follow the arrows that lead you to a white sign that when you click teleports you back in time and into our charming little western town.

BEFORE YOU ENTER make sure you:

  1. Are wearing Victorian Era / western / appropriate native attire. (More details on what you can/cannot wear in SIM Rules)
  2. Are wearing the WW meter.  This is dispensed by the silver-looking WW meter dispenser, next to the TP sign and the rules sign.  If you are new and just exploring/looking around for now, please still wear the meter tag and set it to “OOC” (“Out of Character”).

If you are new feel free to contact a greeter that is online, we can help you and answer any questions you may have.  Don’t be shy! This is what we are here for 🙂

We look forward to seeing you here!

Safe paths.

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